🌎 You deserve to know if you really own your NFT.

Here is the story 👇

We're two brothers who are deeply in love with blockchain. Like, really. We spend hours, days, months spreading our passion around us until we realize that NFTs will completely change the way to express artistic creations.
One day, while we were developing an NFT platform, we realized something severe that could compromise ownership of NFT. This is a big deal.

What is the problem with NFTs ?

The problem is about the storage of NFT assets.
Most of the blockchains ask users for "gas fees" to write into it—a kind of contribution to recompense those who run the chains. The more you want to write into it, the more you have to pay. Today, on Ethereum, a simple transaction costs ~$30, an ERC-721 token minting costs around $100.
As the ETH pumped a lot, storing data in an NFT (ERC-721) is expensive today. Storing 1 Mb costs ~$40k. Guess the price for 1 Gb 😅.
To avoid these huge fees, developers choose different ways to store the assets (media like video or picture). The problem is, some methods are completely centralized as they store it in their own server.
The minting methods are multiples, more or less complex. That's why we built the AFA score.
👉 AFA score measures the trust level you can have from platforms about their NFTs' decentralization.
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Last modified 2yr ago